Project types that we manage and construct

Pacific Excavation is capable of many different types of projects. Below are the major types of projects that we have experience and knowledge in managing and constructing. If you don't see your kind of project listed, feel free to send us a quick email.

Site Development

Site Development ProjectsPacific has extensive knowledge and experience constructing various types of site development projects, including Commercial, Industrial and residential.
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SubdivisionsPacific has decades of experience in the construction of residential and Industrial subdivisions throughout Oregon.
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Treatment Facilities

Treatment FacilitiesOur excellence in project management has proved particularly valuable in construction of several Treatment Facilities in recent years. The technical nature of these projects demands progressive and forward thinking management.
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Transportation ProjectsPacific has completed several technical road, street and highway projects in recent years. The recently completed $11 million ODOT Beltline /Gateway interchange project on Interstate 5, pictured to the left, is an example of our extensive capabilities in the Transportation sector.
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Enhancement ProjectsPacific has constructed several environmentally sensitive Enhancement projects. From fish enhancement in the McKenzie River to roadside and culvert improvements in BLM forests, we have extensive experience with sensitive projects.
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