About Us

Founded with "a backhoe and a prayer" in 1998, Pacific Excavation has become a trusted contractor on projects throughout western Oregon. Our focus on integrity and professionalism, in the field and in management has helped ensure consistent positive outcomes with a solid reputation within the industry.

Our Management team includes:

  • Brad Carlsen
    President and General Manager
  • Spencer Chamberlain
    Vice President - Excavation Division
  • Travis Craig
    Vice President - Civil / Mechanical Division
  • Beau Solesbee
    Project Manager - Civil / Mechanical Division
  • Jed Smith
    Project Manager- Excavation Division
  • Nick Posey
    Project Manager- Excavation Division
  • Cody Hoff
    Project Engineer- Excavation Division
  • Nathan Swan
    Project Engineer- Excavation Division
  • Dave Olson
    Construction Manager - Portland area
  • Bill Chisholm
    Project Manager - Portland area
  • Andrew Chisholm
    Project Manager - Portland area
  • Don Zapata
    Paving Manager - Portland area
  • Sean Cary
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Crista Cline
    Contract Administration
  • Lisa Powell
    Subcontract Admin/Payroll
  • Jennifer Wilson
    Accounts Payable